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Sydney’s Ultimate Landscaping Directory

A handsomely designed lawn can transform your ordinary looking Sydney home. For a fact, quality landscaping can positively convert your outdoor living area and make your home outstanding. It is the main differentiating factor between an average looking yard and one that commands attention by being extremely glamorous.  Good landscaping can not only change the aesthetic appeal of you modern Sydney home, but can also upsurge its value hence providing you and your loved ones with an amazing place they can call home each and every day.

Choosing a good landscaper is an integral part in developing a yard that you will be proud of for the rest of your life. However, choosing the right one can be an uphill task especially due to the huge selection of landscapers that exist in Sydney. How then do you choose the best landscaper for your home? The following are a 3 tips that will help you ensure your yard is always in good hands;

#1 Do intensive research

There are many local landscaper options available all over Sydney. Research each and every one of them and compare them to each other. Go for a company that will offer rigid experience in the field and one that can give strong references from clients they have served in the past. The internet is the most resourceful place as far as research is concerned. Ensure you make good use of it.

#2 Always have a clear picture of what you want

You should be able to literally visualize what you want, and convey your image to your potential landscapers. Compare their reactions to your request and choose the one that you believe will match with your needs and preferences.

#3 Have an open mind

There are an array of landscaping companies in Sydney. They vary based on prices, specialities and service areas they are experienced in. When you are looking for the best, do not make a haste decision. Leave you mind open and analyze each one of them and consider picking the most skilled professional, who will offer nothing but quality landscaping solutions to your home.

Choosing the right landscaper is an important determinant of the success of your desired project. Having a contractor with the right expertise, skills, and utmost professionalism can go a long way in making your dream for a remarkably beautiful yard a reality. Today however, many companies that have repetitively scammed many clients are on the rise in Sydney. How then would you identify ideal landscapers? What qualities should define a legitimate landscaper? The following are qualities you should look for in a good Sydney landscaper;

Professional qualifications

Many people call themselves landscapers. However, a true landscaper should possess formal training in the field. The Australian law requires a landscaper to have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in landscaping from a recognized university. Additionally, he/she should be a member of an accredited professional body which not only regulate the practice, but also ensures professionalism in the field by providing members with a well-outlined code of conduct that will enhance quality service delivery. If you are looking for a professional landscaper in Sydney, check whether he/she is registered with any of the following professional bodies;

  • Australian Institute of landscape Architects
  • Australian Design Alliance
  • Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers


Apart from considering the number of years that your landscaper of choice has been in business, make sure there is a portfolio for past projects done and completed that you can look at in order for you to make the right decision. Experience will always an indicator of quality hence it is the most important factor you should consider when choosing the right landscaper.


A good landscaper is one who offers a combination of popularity and positive reputation. Make good use of customer and expert reviews, and also ask your friends who have used the services of a particular landscaper. They might refer you to the best.

Licenced and insured

Always ask to see a copy of a licence certificate from your landscaper of choice for you to know whether it is legally recognised be the Australian Government. The licences recognized by law include;

  • Trade licence
  • Landscaping licence
  • Structural landscape licence
  • Supervisor licence
  • Home improvement license

Additionally, always ensure your Sydney Landscaper of choice can provide you with a copy of a valid insurance from an insurer licensed by the Australian Securities Investment Commission under the Corporations act.

Can provide a wide range of services

A good landscaper is one that offers an array of services in order to satisfy different needs of different clients.  The best landscaper will provide the many services among them;

  • Landscape design

The best landscaper will provide you with quality landscape design services that will not only compliment the architecture of your modern Sydney home, but will also create crucial areas that you will use the most. Whether it is a pool or garden design, a landscaper who will provide you with this service will always be ahead of the competition.

A good landscaper should provide you with the best architects to plan the best design, and wonderful landscape designers to execute the plan.

At the forefront of the best landscaper should be cutting edge landscape design materials, high-end creative planting schemes, and the clients who consume the services.

  • Landscape Construction

Once landscape design is complete, the best landscaper will always ensure immediate commencement of landscape construction. He/she should pay attention to detail and should be enthusiastic in making sure a new garden is constructed to the highest standards of the 21st century.  Whenever you are in dire need of excavation, garden makeover services, garden lighting, stone masonry and/or paving services, a good landscaper should be able to provide promptly and in a professional manner.

  • Garden Maintenance

With a clear understanding of all your garden needs, a good landscaper should generate a well-tailored maintenance program that will impact your garden positively hence meeting your long-term goals.

A good landscaper will make regular visits to your garden and ensure it is well taken care of. Whether you need mulching, weeding, irrigation lawn mowing, hedging, or site cleaning services, he/she will always be there for you.

How To Find A Good Landscaper

You can find a good landscaper through;

  • Online Searching

With the age of the internet we are in today, searching for a good Sydney landscaper has been made easy. All you need to do is compare various companies through customer reviews and ratings hence you will be able to know which company will work best for you.

  • Friends Recommendations/Client references

You can call your friends who have used landscaping services in the past and they can refer you to renowned landscapers who will do a decent job for you.  Apart from friends, you can contact clients who have consumed the services of the landscaper of your choice for guidance and further recommendations.

Finding the best landscaper in Sydney means finding the best solution to all your landscaping needs. Search wisely, you might be the lucky owner of the best garden in town. Good luck.