Depressions from settling soil can be trickier to repair. You initially have to determine exactly what triggered the soil to sink and fix the situation. If more than an inch or so deep, you need to eliminate the sod around the afflicted location; correct the cause and after that backfill to somewhat above level to allow for settling. If the eliminated sod is in good condition, it can be set back in location.

If it is not, re-sod or seed the area. For little depressions, or even those over a larger area that are less than an inch deep, you can sprinkle soil over the location about a quarter inch at a time. Keep this up every two or three weeks until the anxiety is completed. To assist enhance a heavy clay soil, a peat, sand, garden compost mix makes an excellent top dressing. Use about 40 % peat, 40 % garden compost, and 20 % sand. Excellent topsoil likewise works well.

When divot’s occur in the yard, you need to determine how they arrived. If rodents are the cause, you have to fix that problem first. Do away with the rodents with traps or controls labeled for that insect. You might end up with an anxiety when you lower on the bump and will then follow the steps above.

It is great to take these steps when the yard is most actively growing. This assists it fill in quicker. Avoid disturbing the sod in the middle of the summertime when the grass might be already having a hard time.