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Our Garden Maintenance Services In Sydney

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For many years, we have offered tremendous garden maintenance services all across Sydney for residential gardens, balconies, courtyards, commercial gardens, rooftops, and other common garden areas.

Through our well-trained team of professionals, we have over the years grown and have been at the top of the competition as far as garden maintenance is concerned. Our unquestionable standards of customer service has built us a superb reputation all across Sydney. We are highly committed to providing high quality and reliable services to all our clients at the most competitive prices that no other garden maintenance company can offer.

Whenever you call out us for help, we guarantee a complete maintenance solution that will leave you happy and contented. We have a dedication and passion to professional cleaning services and garden maintenance which motivates us to always make sure we provide top-notch services that will leave you Sydney home aesthetically appealing, and make it an example that many will want to follow.

We provide the following services;

Garden maintenance program

Do you love your new garden but you have no time to do all its maintenance? With us you can set up a regular maintenance program that will ensure your garden looks better each and every day. Do not hesitate to call us whenever you need advice on how to tend for your garden, and if you need an expert to help, we will always have one for you.

One-off garden tidy ups

If you need a company that will provide you with a year round service that will see your garden attended to at your own convenience, we are the ideal one for you. We will discuss with you on proper timing of the regular tidy ups and develop a datasheet that will list when our visits are due. During our one-off tidy ups, we will;

  • Cut and edge the grass
  • Do the necessary pruning
  • Clear the paths of grass and debris
  • Cut hedges
  • Weed

Site cleaning

Have you just had a major construction on your garden and all you need is someone who will clean the site and restore its previous glory? We provide remarkable cleaning services hence we will not just restore your site’s previous glory, but also add a notable touch of glamor making it look better and more appealing.

Hedging and pruning

We know that hedging and pruning of you garden is essential to its maintenance. For them to look outstanding, roses, fruit trees, plants, shrubs, and small tress must be hedged and pruned. We have employed tree experts that will undertake all the tasks you need done as soon as you give us a call. Interestingly, our services include the removal of the cuttings at no additional costs!


We are fully aware of how weeds germinate and how essential it is to control them. We employ both chemical and mechanical weed control methods, all which are tailored to you needs. Do not let weeds control your garden, control them by calling us and we will definitely be of much help to you.

Pests and disease treatment

Pests and diseases will weaken all the trees in your garden. We have designed the best programs that will help suppress the pests and diseases. We utilize the latest Plant Health Care practices hence ensuring healthy plants around your garden every month of the year.


Whether you need plants or flowers planted on the ground, in containers, or you need small beautiful flowers that will go up the large trees in your Sydney garden, we will diligently do that for you. We will also help you select the best plants for your garden in order for you to make the right combination.


During the warmer months in Australia, we know that your garden needs moisture. On the other hand, it needs to be insulated during the cold months. You therefore need a professional grounds company to help. We are the ideal company for you. We provide the best mulching services that will ensure your plants maintain their healthy look throughout the seasons.


Our irrigation programme focuses on water conservation hence we will help you conserve this precious commodity. If you need a new irrigation system installed, or an old one repaired, call us for the best deals and we might as well help you reduce up to 40% of water wastage in your home.

Lawn Mowing and Edging

Proper mowing is an issue of importance to us hence we never take it for granted. We therefore offer the best mowing and edging services in Sydney. We offer a perfectly-manicured lawn that will leave you dumfounded and yearning for more.

We are not just the best, we are the giants in the garden maintenance industry in Sydney. Try us today.